I has been thinking and fings fer wot I am fankful

(yes, I know…) (and incidentally – SNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I think the Assassin’s Creed game engine would be UTTERLY perfect to make a Discworld Game. A GOOD action discworld game. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love all the discworld games – my favourite is Discworld Noir which seamlessly blends my love of Noir films and Discworld – but they are point and clicks (which I also love as my top of all genres) – but what would be an absolute hoot would be to have Ankh-Morpork (and perhaps other places) represented in 3d the way Rome, Firenze and other italian cities are in AC.

What with all the Running Away I do, I would be perfect to play Rincewind (doesn’t matter where TO, the FROM is important, and never more so in AC when there are tens of burly over-compensating guards chasing you and I don’t think they want to give me a cuddle) – but there could be a choice, you could play Carrot, who prefers to negotiate, but WILL fight you if necessary – or Vimes, who will punch first and ask questions later, or Angua, changing into a wolf, or even Nobby staying out of trouble and nicking like any currently unguarded trifles like the tea money and any spoons. You could even play as CMOT Dibbler, trying to make a buck selling mostly unspecified meat pies.(probably pig) or The Patrician. (I won’t say Vetinari, because he wouldn’t do things wrong but you could have temporarily deposed him or something.)

The courtesans in AC would be of course the Ladies of Negotiable Affection. There’s thieves in AC too. Assassin’s OBVIOUSLY, lots of tradesmen, the Watch (which could be your faction or your enemy depending on who you choose to play) The Engine is PERFECT for it. So would something like the Oblivion engine, whatever that uses, but I feel that it’s a bit too cartoony and doesn’t have that realism that AC1 and 2 and Brotherhood have.

I shall write to Pterry and to Ubisoft I think. I’m sure someone has already thought about doing this, but if you don’t asks, you don’t gets.

What I’m thankful for. (A bit of a stretch today, I’m afraid, my Dwarf index is down to two today. Grumpy and Sleepy.)

Dad – for as long as I have what I have. I’ve lost most of “my Dad” but there’s still a glimmer in there of the kind and funny man he always was.

Alex, Lee, Charlie, Chris, Tracey, Henri, Penny – always there to cheer me up and to kick me when I’m down. (in a good way.)

Cheese. Oh, cheese.

Gay Pirates

Gay Historical Fiction. How I love thee (in case you haven’t guessed) let me snug thee to my bosom: a loaf of bread a jug of win…well, ok – you can have some bread.


Winnie the Pooh

Pink Cava

Not being at Steeles Law. THANK YOU, dear, dear Steeles Law for sacking me. Best decision you ever made.

Lili and the Snucius (and Spooky, and Pixel, and Ekco)

And at the risk of sappiness – all you who comment and take the time to read my drivel (books and blog) because it’s a big lonely world and you lot help to fill it.

Hmm – turned out better than I expected.  The snow falling right NOW helped, I guess.

Entirely unrelated – has anyone managed to make a successful LJ feed of the Carina Blog? I’ve tried twice but all it does is gives me the comments, and that’s no good at all.

And just because: YO HO, SEBASTIAN!

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