Just keep swimmin’

I really feel a bit like a salmon going upstream at the moment, as far as writing is concerned. *procrastinates*  Today I edited someone’s chapters and tried to put I Knew Him back together. I think I have all the words back – i THINK – it still needs a lot of work because every single word has a space between each letter. L i k e t h i s – for pages and pages…

I had to buy Assassin’s Creed:Brotherhood again, so I’ll claim from Play.com and TRY and get my money back—the bastards. The game is damned good though.  I don’t think anyone should buy it, however, without having played the other two games, because OMG if you did the learning curve would be horrendous. You have to fight hordes of baddies right off the bat, and you don’t have much in the way of tutorial to help you—nor is there an option to do a tutorial—which would have been a good idea, which the experienced could opt out of. If one hasn’t already mastered the counter-attack and disarming moves then you are likely to die many times in the first few quests which might be too frustrating an experience for new players. Me, i know that run far and fast enough and keep turning corners and you’ll shake off just about anyone, but more people prefer to fight. I do like the side quests a lot. There are Borgia controlled towers all around the city and the idea is to lower the support for the Borgias by destroying the towers, and to do this, you have to kill off the commander officer. And in each challenge you have the option of killing him however you like (I rather like the gonne, because it means that you can do it from a distance, giving me a head start on the inevitable chase!) or doing it how they suggest and getting a higher rating. Rating Smating. I want to survive. They are graded by difficulty, too, meaning that the guy could leg it and you have to chase HIM (and oddly, no-one chases you) or he might have twenty fuck-off fully armed bodyguards.

Yes, so so far, I’m loving it. It’s all set in Rome starting in 1500, and you can ride horses around the city (you need to, really, as it’s vast) and the horses are extremely well done. They aren’t just “vehicles” — they react to crowds very realistically, avoiding them if they possibly can (and if their idiot rider doesn’t steer them badly) -  and if at a standstill and there’s many people walking past, they jink and fidget and shy. And they have four gaits which is also fabulous. Brilliant touch, really. It’s like the first time I saw moths or cobwebs in a game, and the moths were flying around a light, and the cobweb was fluttering in the breeze – I mean – wow. Why would someone do that? Although I’m very glad they did.

The tablet continues to rock me – the only major snag is the hugely short battery life – 2 hours approximately – but I’ve worked out how to import books into the library and now I’ll be able to get on with all that reviewing I’ve not been able to do recently. Speak Its Name has been rather slack recently, and I apologise for that, I simply can’t find anyone able to do reviews but after THE ADVENT CALENDAR (waves hands in Kermit Fashion) in December I intend to get back into the groove of reviews at least a few times a week. More books are coming out now than ever before, so I need to find a way to organise my time between reading/reviewing writing and Dad.

More news on the Advent Cal tomorrow. Bed now. SNOW TOMORROW I HOPE!!!

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