Where’s a duck’s bottom when you need one?

My new phone irritating SINGS at me “YOU’VE GOT MAIL!” in a hideous female choir-chirpy voice every time i get a text. This – for anyone (and I’m sure that’s everyone on this list at least) who has read Hitch-hiker’s guide the the Galaxy has more than overtones of the CHEERFUL LIFT. Or – in Discworld, the very cheerful Imp in the personal organiser. I need to change the bloody ringtone FAST before I end up throwing it in the nearest Broad. Then I’ll find a recording of Marvin and have him say “Brain the size of a planet and you use me to open mail” or something like that. When I get the USB cord, anyway.

And there’s no easy option for changing the ring tone either – you have to assign each contact the ringtone you want for them, so random spam is going to get the CHIRPY choir for ever, it seems. It’s a nice Smart touch-phone and was very very cheap (hey—it is me, after all) but I do like to work it out and not have to study The Manual. Yes, I’m that annoying person.

I have done 600 words today, an improvement over the last few days, but I think that’s all it’s going to be, I feel light headed, and I have done for a couple of days now – and I wonder if it’s the double strength lisinopril he’s got me on.

Tomorrow night I’m going to see Reginald D (for Delicious) Hunter in Ipswich. I’m looking forward to that – I haven’t seen Kerry in an age, so we’ll be able to catch up. :D

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