Obligatory end of year navel gazing

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Things changed for me this year, in many ways, and being not the most organised person when it comes to my personal life, I feel I’m still running to keep up.

I lost my job about 3 years ago–I worked in the conveyancing department of a major law firm, and when a recession hits, it’s houses that people stop buying first, so almost the entire department was made redundant, dropping from about 25 to 3 people. I tried to find a job but nothing happened, so at the beginning of 2010–with my father deteriorating in his Alzheimer’s–I applied to be his Carer. This means I have  to spend 35 hours a week with him, or looking after him in some way. This isn’t–yet–too much of a hardship, other than his failing memory, he’s still managing to look after himself and the house pretty well. i do his shopping and deal with his bills, cook breakfast and lunch for us and make sure he has food for the evening and the days I’m not there.  The beauty of the arrangement is that I can write full time while I’m over there.

But in July I was hit with a case of diplopia – or double vision – entirely out of the blue and I was next to useless in the writing–or much of anything–stakes for six weeks. It hasn’t entirely cleared up, although I have a screen over one lens to help cope with it. I can write, and drive, that’s the main thing.

My goals for 2010 were to write a novella and a novel and to publish some short stories. And I have failed in this. I wrote a novella – Muffled Drum, which I was lucky enough that Carina bought, but, due to the changes I haven’t quite managed to finish the novel. And now it’s 31st December, I realise I’m not going to finish it either.

But I think one shouldn’t get despondent about "FAILED" goals. I think you should take on board that shit happens, life gets in the way, no matter how many Good Intentions or New Year Resolutions one has. Some people might say "oh well, I’m a failure, what’s the point of going on?" but I think one should say "well, if I start again tomorrow, then I’ll get things done eventually." 

If you write only 300 words every single day – then by the end of the year you’d have  110,000 words. That’s a full sized novel, or two very saleable novellas. Think about that – JUST 300 WORDS A DAY.

i aim for 5000 words a week. This means I should have 260,000 words by the end of the year – easily two novels. I don’t always do that, but sometimes I do, and every week chips away a little more.

New Year’s Resolutions?  They are ok, but it’s better to have a small resolution each day rather than one huge one that seems mountainous.

Whatever your goals I hope you reach them, and that 2011 is full of lots of lovely words, whether you are a writer or a reader.


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2 Responses to Obligatory end of year navel gazing

  1. A very Happy New Year to you, too! – from a new fan in Germany, who is delighted to have discovered your novels and is at the moment reading ‘Standish’ – and absolutely loving it!
    I really look forward to reading more! Thank you!
    All the best,

  2. Erastes says:

    I’m sorry I missed this comment, Christiane, it got spammed and I just found it! I’m very happy you are enjoying my work, and thank you for commenting. Happy New Year!

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