Plans for next year

Jessewave is organising a m/m giveaway – go here to donate a book.

Talking of giveaways – Next year I’m going to do more giveaways – and make it a monthly thing. I have many books in stock that I can easily afford to give one book away a month – I just need to work out some amusing and tortuous way to arrange a monthly contest. Got to make the minions SUFFER, after all—what would be the fun if I didn’t?

I’m also going to start doing podcasts on Speak Its Name – and will be reading the reviews posted. Sadly they won’t be as entertaining as things like Zero Punctuation, but I hope that people who like podcasts will enjoy them. Are there accessible review sites for partially sighted people, anyway? If not why on earth not?

Writing wise I will go again for two novels – around the 200,000 word mark in total – or a novel and two novellas. This will be tough because I’m going to hit the ground running as I’ll start behind, as I haven’t finished I Knew Him and won’t do so by the end of the year. However – I travel hopefully, and cutting down my goal won’t help. I lost two months writing this year due to illness. But – the more I write, hopefully the more I’ll sell.

I’d like to sell Junction X too, but I say that every year.


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