Snowy Saturday

Lucius is watching “One Man and his Dog” – he’s absolutely LOVING IT.


We haven’t had the amount of snow that other people have had. You’ll know how annoyed that makes me. Couple of inches only and none forecast for here. BAH HUMBUG. Dad’s windows on the conservatory had all this beautiful frost on them, it looked like spray on snow!

I had written an alternate ending to Muffled Drum, which I had ditched, but in the light of the development edit that my editor has sent, I think it might work well and would address most of the problems that she sees in the current ending. I think I ditched it because I thought “oh well this can be taken out and dealt with in one scene,” but in order to have Mathias true to himself, the longer ending might work better. I’ve sent her the outline of the new ending, and we’ll see what she says.

I had some new clothes delivered – badly needed, couple pairs of trousers, top for Christmas day and two pairs of Pjs and slippers. Severus-who is the biggest coward in the world, fled at the scary sound of crinkly paper. Obviously pink PJs are too terrifying for cats—as are Womble hot water bottle covers. I have an Orinoco one which is HUGE, too big to fit in the bed, you have to cuddle it, I suppose, and Severus is terrified of it. I have to keep it hidden away in a cupboard and he KNOWS which cupboard it is in and won’t go near it. Perhaps Wombles do unspeakable things to cats?


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