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Ok – the editor thinks that the alternative ending to Muffled Drum might solve the problems she sees with it, and it’s lucky I have the unused portion saved. Although not luck, really, I never delete ANY words, once written – that’s my motto, I have several Standish scenes still that never got used. So today I’ll be incorporating that missing scene into MD, and making sure that the plotlines all tie up with the slightly different ending, as it will affect both characters emotionally and I really don’t want a big weepy girl ending, but neither can I have a happy clappy ending either. OK, now I’m disturbed at the image of tough Prussian hussars with tambourines. KUM BA YA!!!

I also need a sex scene, which will be harder to do. Once upon a time I had no trouble writing sex scenes, and now I’d rather leave much to the imagination. But I’m told the readers won’t like that, so I will bow to the publisher’s needs here. I like to try and write one novel for me and one novel for a romance audience—still for me, if you get what I am on about—I don’t cynically appraise who any particular novel is “for” other than “if i’m planning to sell this to a romance publisher then it’s probably better if rocks don’t fall and everyone doesn’t die” and “you do need to have your protagonists having sex at least once please?”

I’ve been saving the half coconut shells that you buy with bird food in them – once they are empty – and today I filled them with a mixture of lard, suet and seeds. It hasn’t taken Dad’s starlings more than five minutes to discover them and there is much scoffing going on. The bush telegraph has got around about food to be had and we have about eight wood pigeons at a time. I don’t mind them, after all, they’ve got to eat too, but they do tend to hoover everything up. Today I’ve thrown a load of food under the bushes where the sparrows live, and hope they get more of a chance. It’s small parakeet mix, rather than wild bird food, and no one much likes the millet. it must the bird equivalent of liver and brussel sprouts.(although i love liver and sprouts, with creamy mash and onion gravy… nom…)

As for us – we are having sausage casserole.  ETA: it was DELICIOUS!

Just discovered that there are no delivery slots left for either Tesco or Sainsbury’s before Christmas so I’m going to have to go to the shop. Bah. We aren’t going mad with Christmas of course. Mum’s death anniversary is the 23rd, although I won’t remind Dad of it, so it puts a dampener on the season for us, that can’t be helped. It’s just us, and we are going out Christmas Day, so I’ll do a beef or lamb roast on Boxing Day, as I can’t get goose, and we aren’t huge turkey fans. Now I have to find a picture of a huge turkey fan. “Let me entertain you…”


i love the internet. You can find anything.

Found the opening episode of Dexter season 3 to be rather yawny. Hope it improves. Angel (the vampire series, not the detective within Dexter) went the same baby route and I loathed that season.

Hometime, off I go into the fog.

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