Adventures in Editing 44.1

I feel so stupid sometimes. I don’t understand words like "parse" and "syntax." I need to go back to school or something.

And continuing the disembodied theme.

Jude had priests’ hands.

Obviously he kept them in a big box under his bed. With a separate box for eyeballs in case he ever needed any absinthe.

I realise that I’m not exactly gaining respect by pointing out my idiocies, but I hope to make you laugh, at least.

I have decided I’m not good with names. I really to start a character database when I start a book. What? You’ve heard me say that before?  LOL. I wouldn’t mind so much, but everyone’s name has changed once, and even the school’s name changes.

In other stuffs, I loathe people who post passive aggressive shit on their blogs just because they’ve had their special snowflake stepped on. And why yes, this is a passive aggressive paragraph, but BOY OH BOY my fists are itching to drop the passivity.

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