Adventures in Editing:

Here’s some wonderful Erastes prose for you.

"eyeing the fresh bottle of absinthe that Goertz had bought with opiate-dark eyes"


Despite the weather today – sunny, then rainy, then cloudy – i get a real feeling of  Spring being JUST around the corner. There are buds on the Azaleas and Rhododendrons already, and the cherry trees and the birds are all busy busy busy. I have nothing for them. I’ll make them a big unsalted yorkshire pudding when I make the lunch – they LOVE that.

Car failed its MOT, but only on minor things which is magnificent for an 11 year old car. Needs balancing of the brakes and a new brake pipe, and a new washer motor. Phew.

I’m reading a book (won’t name it now) that I’m going to be reviewing for TLA soon, and I really can’t get on with it. Everyone’s so NICE!!!!!!!!!!! There’s literally sixteen chapters of family niceness with a gay husband his husband and their adopted son (this is Canada) and it’s all "You’re such a great dad" and "we are so proud of you, son," and patting on heads and kisses and some sex and MORE NICENESS that I want to take a flamethrower to the entire saccharine Brady Bunch.  it’s not a bad book, just…. too much sugar.

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