No point editing further today. Despite me having saved my file as both an Open Office file and a word 97 document – Word 97 won’t open either of them, and my editor has "an elderly" version of word, so it’s unlikely to deal with Open Office. And of course, as I’m not online at Dad’s I can’t send her a test file to see if it can. So on my way home I’ll have to take a detour into Norwich or Yarmouth and get a new version. I can’t continue to work like this if I want to continue to be professional, and the edits have to be done on time, and I am not the sort to make pathetic excuses.  Office used to come with PCs so what changed that it no longer does?  Gates can’t be needing the money. ETA: haven’t got it yet. Now I’m home, I’ll ask Deb if she can convert ODTs for now.

So I shall continue to read the very promising "Nobleman and the Spy" by Dee and Devon instead. And perhaps be brave enough to open I Knew Him and poke it with a stick.

That’s exactly how I feel about it, too. Just the fact of opening the file feels like peering into a cage of dangerous vampire monkeys and to get them to do something requires a sharpened stick poked through the cage. I’m sitting around for inspiration to strike—and that’s not going to happen is it? I need to stop being an ostrich and do a storyboard or a set of cue cards or something – SOMETHING so I know where I’m going and not just blundering ahead like a blind mole rat in a very small china shop.

Whine whine. I know.

In other news I just saw a tagline for LOTRs: Conquest "Conquer Middle-Earth in New ways" – oo!  Would these new ways include actually playing as Frodo and NOT BLOODY FIGHTING? I doubt it very very much. it will be just another hack and slash, I’m sure.

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