New "Being Human" Tonight.

Can’t wait!!

Does anyone know what the Blog Provider is that Dreamwidth uses? I want to be able to post to my DW account from LiveWriter Client, and it doesn’t give DW as an option – has anyone else managed to do this and how?

Went to the neurologist yesterday, and surprise surprise he wasn’t exactly much help. He just said what everyone else had said that it was "probably" a tiny stroke and to keep taking the warfarin. However he did say that my eyes looked "nearly normal" and if he hadn’t been aware that there was a problem, he wouldn’t have spotted it. So hurrah. He did say that he thinks it should get 100 percent better, but he’s known people where it’s taken a year for that to happen. But at least I can walk about without weebling now, which is a relief. NEVER take your eyes for granted, people.

I got very annoyed with Fable yesterday because you have to hit shift to fire spells, and of course Windows being VERY STUPID kept throwing me back to the Windows screen if I hit shift too often to ask me if I wanted to turn STICKY KEYS on. No i bloody don’t. And when that happens, Fable crashes and I have to restart the game and begin the fight all over again. And it’s a pig of a fight, too. Not impossible – just a case of keep banging away until everyone is dead (a bit like my erstwhile love life, not that you needed to know that) – but just it takes time and the pigging game has crashed three times.

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