Quick update

as I haven’t been keeping up to date recently.

1. eyes – not bad. still managing  – the edges are a bit wobbly.

2. TANGLED – brilliant!  I loved it, why was no one raving about it?

3. THE KING’S SPEECH, very good indeed, even with the horrid Firth. Thought the end speech over-music was an odd choice, though.


5. Mere Mortals edits going well, I’m going to have to print it out though, and go through it in hard copy. There’s a lot I know I’ve missed.  Heard from the editor regarding Muffled Drum, the second round of edits are going to be sent back to me tomorrow!  argh!  I mean, I am pleased that things are moving along, but I haven’t written anything new and it’s FEBRUARY TOMORROW! ARGH!

6. Lucius is watching "Episodes" – he doesn’t normally watch anything wordy. He likes action films or dog trialing. This is a bit clever for cats.

7. Reading Tongues of Serpents by Naomi Novik. It’s a bit dull so far, to be honest.

8. think that’s it.

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