yeah yeah yeah yeah together we’re singin’

Ordered office 97. Got it on Amazon at a reasonable price, so hopefully the fear of losing work will be lessened.

Dad rang me at midnight last night—saying he didn’t know where mother was. Not a good sign, and I hope this doesn’t become a regular event. I’m going to create a fake condolence card with a photo on it and the date of her death so he can keep that next to his bed – hopefully – and it will help jog his memory if he wakes in the night.

Lovely mix of birds in Dads garden today. We are getting regular chaffinches now which is lovely to see, they used to be almost as common as sparrows but a rare sight these days here. A male and female both in prime breeding colour. Yesterday we were briefly invaded by the pink mice on sticks, and there’s coaltits and even crows and seagulls popping down, which shows you how hungry they must be.

Ok enough staring out of the window. Edit, damn you!  Must get this done today if I can, as the edit for Mere Mortals is on it’s way possibly today, possibly tomorrow—the editor is enjoying it, but OMG I feel sorry for him. I’d left notes to self in the MSS – so amazed that Lethe didn’t just laugh me into the rejection pile. I spelled one character’s name FOUR DIFFERENT WAYS and another character changed from Moinsbois to Monsbois which is an entirely different meaning. It’s just as well I can actually do a plot or no-one could do anything but laugh at me. Erastes: Made Buller-lytton seem like Shakespeare.And possibly just as well I’m not an editor. Although my capabilities as an editor would have been entirely suspect when I applied for a secretarial job with the words, "I would like to apply for the position as clerk/typpist" although I did actually get that job, possibly as I made the boss laugh.

And me? Obsessed and loving a COUNTRY SONG?  Has the world ended? 

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