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ah ha! Although I wrote in my post yesterday that I’d been carrying the laptop around the house looking for a decent signal, I hadn’t actually done it with every room, so today I did and found that the back bedroom and the hall has a really strong signal!  This makes sense, actually, because on that side of the house there’s 2 storey terrace houses (young people with internet) and on THIS side of the house, it’s waste ground and bungalows (old people with no internet)

I feel stupid. So at least I know that i can pop into there every half hour or so, check my mail and do the research i need to do.

What, please tell me, dear Erastes, is a "bullet-ridden Austrian"?  I’m sure it’s a vastly different thing to a bullet-riddled one. Please hand in your writer’s badge on the way out. Also—after Rudolph said he was definitely going to Prague and not to Dresden – WHY did they end up going to Dresden? Where you hoping no one would  notice?

I was thinking last night about my full sized novels and suddenly realised that there is one over-arching theme to every single one of them. Water.

*Standish-the fountain is a symbol of their relationship. There’s also Venice where everything goes Pete Tong.
*Transgressions. David and Jonathan lives by a river, both together and separately. Their first sexual contact is by the river.
*Mere Mortals – set on a broad/lake

*Tributary- the name’s river related and the main character observes crayfish.
*Frost Fair – the River Thames freezing over

I think it’s because I’m an Estuary Baby (another word for Essex Girl) and can’t bear to be very far from water. I’m planning a lighthouse story too!

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