Not a word I’ve ever said in my life, but also poot.  No internet connection at all today at Dad’s. Weather, probably—it’s freezing cold, cloudy and raining. I’ve officially HAD it with Winter Kthnxbai.

Dad discussing retirement homes today. Today he’s of the opinion that he should go into a home, so I will make an effort and see what’s available. He’ll probably change his mind tomorrow, but we’ll have to see what happens. (of course later in the day he denied having had this conversation and does not want to go into a home at all!)

I realised, over the last week, that I’ve been the beta and prodder of about five writers—and every single one of them has stopped writing, and in most cases have faded away completely. One might be considered unfortunate, but five must be considered to be carelessness.Note to self: don’t do it again.

The thing about the network connection is that I don’t seem to be able to take it on the chin and get on with YANNO—LARGE HINT TO SELF, STUFF THAT NEEDS DOING like the final edit for Muffled Drum or writing something else—instead of which I stare, bichon-friese-like at the connection icon, as if something is going to magically change. i walk around the house with the laptop in case the bedroom or kitchen might get a better reception. (God alone knows what I’d if I connected in the bathroom (no euphemism implied) – set up a desk in there???)

Or I re-read the saved friends page I have. Or-even though I can’t post them, i write blog posts.


Also this is very wrong. Hilarious—and I want one (Looks speculatively at Lili) but really really wrong Actually it would work better with Severus because he already has a black tail that has a bend in it. But he has black blobs….Stop me from buying food colouring…


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