Quick Update

Quick update before I head off (taking Dad to the Driving Assessment place today, 50 miles from his house, so a bit of a stressful day in prospect!)

1. Good discussion about women in gay fiction here: http://bit.ly/dWO2Lo

2. Glad that King’s Speech didn’t wipe the board, and that the awards were pretty evenly mixed.

3. Being Human just gets better and better, and you can’t say that about a show in Season Three. I was seriously scared this week—the sort of scared that you just want to turn over until it’s over.

4. Looking forward to seeing the first episode of Camelot, Channel Four have a hand in it, so hopefully they’ll be airing it in April when the US has the rest of it.

5. Have received the ARC of Mere Mortals. All I need to do is sit down and read the bloody thing through for final errors. Hopefully tomorrow, as I’m not going to get a chance today. It’s very very pretty inside, which I wish more publishers gave a thought to.

6. Sorry about the numbers, and I’m sure there was more, but can’t thing of it. oh yes. Spartacus;Gods of the Arena was very good. Violent as hell, and I watched a lot with eyes shut, but still Good. I had hoped that Andy Whitfield would recover, but sadly his cancer is back, so he’s been replaced. *thinks good thoughts for him*  I like the way that Gannicus makes it possible to show up again. i bet the new chap – Liam McIntyre is frantically at the gym!!

Ok – off for that stressy day. Wish me luck, see you all on the other side. I’ll deal with "dad losing his licence" if and when that actually happens.

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2 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Steve says:

    Yay for #5!

    Received from a bookseller an order for 10 copies of MM. May it be the first of many!

  2. Erastes says:

    oh that’s excellent! I will have the file back by the weekend–I want to print it out and really be as careful as I can. :) I really hope people like it.

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