Windows live writer have updated it to look like Word. THIS IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT, BILL. I can’t fucking FIND anything. I hate-hate-hate-HATE not having menu bars. I don’t want to have to look at all the pictures and work out what they all mean.

Other than cooking today (also made a mutton stew for Dad for the next 2 days while I’m not here)(with dumplings) I have started on the revising of Chiaroscuro. I need to add at least another 10k to the plot but first I’m going through it to implement all the things that I know Carina don’t like. Contractions, filter words, semi-colons… It’s actually not as full of these problems as Muffled Drum was—seems I’ve learned bad habits over 3 years. They may not take it, anyway, but I should be able to sell it somewhere—I hope. I really like the story, it’s just a shame it hasn’t done well up to now.

I also finished the video for Mere Mortals – so enjoy!  I’m a little pleased with this one!


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