Want to write something! and Harlequin Chat

Well both the novel edits are with someone else right now, so I have a few day’s grace at the very least.

Now, what I have to do is to take my head out of the sand and actually DO something else. It worries me that I haven’t even been THINKING about what to write next and it’s the second week in February. As Steve Berman always says, the best way to sell your books is to write another one. But it’s a worry.

There was a Harlequin Ask an Editor chat on Friday and of course I asked the question I’ve been asking Harlequin for years now, on a regular basis "Do you think HQN will have a range of print gay romances in the next few years?"

Sadly, the editor who answered said that he doubted it, but pointed out that Carina did some gay projects.  When I responded and said that, yes I was already with Carina, he replied and said it wasn’t a problem with the subject matter (which, if true, is reassuring) but more a matter of market share. All I can say to that—although I didn’t, because I don’t have any figures to hand—is that I look at the hundreds of releases every month and wonder whether the publishers have any idea how many people are reading it. oh well. It will happen EVENTUALLY. Carina is a good step forward, at least.

There are daffodils out by the village pond. This is just Not Right. Off to Dad’s.

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2 Responses to Want to write something! and Harlequin Chat

  1. Steve Berman says:

    Aww. I got quoted!

    You always have a home with Lethe Press, m’dear!

  2. Erastes says:

    it’s a quote that sticks with me–it makes a lot of sense. And thank you–that is really really nice of you to say. Even when I write that zombie-heterosexual romp, eh? *not being serious!*

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