Animated Films seen recently

Yesterday was a disaster—drawing a veil over it, until I feel I can talk about it.

However I watched three animated films recently that I’d like to mention (I thought there were four, but I can’t remember the other one!!)

1. Tangled. This seems to have been entirely overlooked by everyone, and I thought it was charming, beautifully animated, hilarious in parts, great characters and marvellous songs!  Much much better songs than some typical Disney songs of recent years – "Momma knows Best" was really good and catchy, and the thugs singing in the bar were PRICELESS.  I don’t understand why this film hasn’t had people raving about it. Perhaps my friends list isn’t as much into animation as i am.

2. The Illusionist. If you haven’t seen this – DO. It’s SO SO beautiful I can’t express just how beautiful it is. Unbelievably clever—and with touches that you almost miss because they are so natural – clouds scudding across the sun, which you only see as shadows on the ground, the light passing on the wall of a train carriage, birds overhead, etc. Just mind-bogglingly gorgeous. Like the other beautiful and underappreciated "Adventures of Desperaux" this is an absolute jewel. The story is simple, slow to unfold, and there’s actually nothing much there for 120 mins, but you’ll be captivated.  If you like the animation in games like Broken Sword (the earlier ones) you’ll like this because it’s of a similar style, but much much more lush. lusher?

3. Gnomeo and Juliet. Wasn’t expecting much of this, was put off by the Elton John connection but actually it was rather charming. The songs were underplayed (thank god because i’ve had it up to the back teeth with EJ’s back catalogue) or were presented in a mish-mash style, or tongue in cheek (Paris trying to sing "Your Song" is hilarious) so they don’t intrude, they aren’t "Lets have a song" which could have been annoying. With a cast including Ozzy Ozbourne, Stephen Merchant (woefully underused) Matt Lucas, Emily Blunt, Michael Caine, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy (brillant new voice for him) and Jason Statham – I absolutely loved it and found myself smiling fondly at the cute bits.

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