Is anyone else watching this? I can’t be the only person who loves some children’s tv. The concept began as sketches in one of my favourite shows (again, for children) called Sorry, I’ve Got No Head’ – I’ve posted several clips from that show – like the Witchfinder and Deer Club. But I’d not mentioned the video game sketches. Basically the concept is what happens in the video game console when the games aren’t being played—the game characters all live together.

What’s amusing is that they are all very recognisable characters. There’s a orange and white marsupial, mammal-thing who doesn’t really know what he is himself, called Rex (Crash Bandicoot), Clare Parker, a dirty-looking girl with a wife-beater and a short skirt who fights zombies (Jill Valentine from Resident Evil) Kiki who has a dance game (and isn’t taken seriously by the others because she’s a girl’s game) Aethelwynne who’s an elf in a LOTR clone type game, Riley, a space marine from a game like Killzone or Halo, who even has a metal tactic-bot like Snake does in Metal Gear 4, and Lady Alexia, a posh archaeologist who goes tomb raiding…

Really funny stuff, especially the one where Clare Parker has to do a cut-scene or where a "Brain Training" type of game is installed and tries to take over the world. It’s just very clever and well-observed, and like the best of kid’s shows works so well on many levels, so that the adults will take stuff out of it that perhaps the kids miss. They’ve even made the games that the characters play in and they are available! LOL 

Just brilliant.


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