Splutter cough hawrk

I’m a little better today.  This has been a very nasty cold. I am not going to exaggerate and say it was flu because it wasn’t, but it does seem that this particular cold has innocuous symptoms and then pole-axes people—which it certainly did me.  Yesterday I could hardly stand up without leaning on the kitchen worksurfaces to recover my breath—and going upstairs takes a while as I have to stop every three steps.  However, I woke hungry, which made a change, scoffed everything in sight, and now am thinking about braving the outside again as I didn’t expect I’d eat all I got yesterday!  LOL.  But other than a very nasty cough, and the weakness, I’m over the worst of it. Thank you every one of you who left a note on twitter or livejournal.

i’ll be back in the routine tomorrow, at Dad’s and hopefully getting on with the new wip which is actually starting to excite me. i need a name—at the moment it’s tentatively called Gentleman of Fortune, but i’m not in love with it.

Something I’ve found interesting in the early reviews of Mere Mortals is that a few people are nervous about reading it, because they aren’t told up front who the main Romance is between. I find this very strange—almost as strange as wanting to know what the ending is. I suppose it makes sense, when you think about it, because many romance readers read romance specifically because they already know how the book is going to end.

All I can say is that 1. yes, it’s a romance and 2. there’s no threesomes. I can’t say who the romance is with because it’s a mystery and I don’t want to spoil. If you really really really really want to know, email me directly and I’ll let you know.

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