The Erastes Manifesto–revealed at last!

The time has come to let the world know—to speak the truth!!! Rather than have rumour and supposition run rampant like Japanese Knot weed.

It’s true. I do have an agenda.

For the last eight years I have been building a secret base in the Arctic, deep below the ice.


I know what you are thinking: "That’s not at all true. We all know Erastes hates the cold with a deadly loathing."

TRUE! But think about it. I do love snow. And dogs. And Dog-sledding I’ve often blogged about.

"But you live in Norfolk!" I hear you say.

DO I?  DO I?  Has anyone ever been to my house? No. And my bio clearly says "Tells lies about everything," so it’s not like I’ve never tried to deceive anyone.

My secret Base (Or E-Base as it’s known by the Arctic Postman) is powered by heat pipes laid deep underground I have secretly been laying my secret plans secretly.

So here’s my manifesto:

1. World Domination

That’s it. So—you people who suspect me of having an agenda were right! Feels good dunnit?

© Copyright 2011 Erastes, All rights Reserved. Written For: Erastes
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6 Responses to The Erastes Manifesto–revealed at last!

  1. Tracy Rowan says:

    LOL, mine is world domination and chocolate. If I can have the chocolate (and a good cup of tea) I’ll happily cede the world domination to you. I’m easy.

  2. Erastes says:

    sounds fair!

  3. Jason says:

    As a natural submissive, I am more than willing to submit to your domination. :) My question is…how do you decorate a secret lair? Are there stores for that sort of thing?

  4. Erastes says:

    Willing or not, everyone will submit! mwahaha. (when Dad finds the key to the laser canon…)

    As for decoration, I’m very much a classisisistassitist – very large round domed rooms (to let in the light) all white and chrome with lots of greenery. all linked with loads of corridors with little golf cars for transport. Very sixties Bond. But with better gadgets.

  5. better change that graphic, Erastes, everybody knows the arctic has no actual land, and certainly no rock outcroppings. Unless that’s actually Norfolk after the apocalypse.

  6. Erastes says:

    I am not Voldemort, I’m not likely to really tell people where the seekrit base is?

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