The Final Fiddles, Gaming, no pressure

Now the final final fiddles for Mere Mortals have gone off, the file should be off to the printer today, and I should get a firm release date. Initial pre-readings are faintly praising, so I hope people like it in general. But yay! new booky!

I have a real urge to spend a day gaming. I want to dig out my Splinter Cells and Metal Gears and shoot bad guys. I think that’s part of my problem at the moment. Whacking them with swords is All Very Well, but it doesn’t beat the thrill of getting out the old sniper rifle, taking the Trimazipan (sp?) and waiting in the shadows until your quarry wanders past, clueless as to your presence.  You can’t stealth kill with a fucking big sword. And if you hide under tables, you clink. The original Metal Gear Solid is so fabulous, I think I’ll even go old school and play that. I do have the 3d version of it "Twin Snakes" on GameCube (when I was rich, i bought a GC JUST so I could have a copy of this game, how sad am i?) but never managed to get past the first section, even though I’ve done it a dozen or more times with the 2d version. I suppose I should do myself a timetable telling myself when I should be doing writing and gaming and such—never tried that, but perhaps it would work with the more limited time I have these days. better than just sitting there with the laptop waiting for the world to entertain me!!

I’ve managed to get a bit of writing done this week, which has made me feel better. I’ve added 1000 words or so to Chiaroscuro and will see how the new sub-plot I’m inserting works. Originally it was going to be a novel, and then I had the opportunity to submit it as a long short story, and I think it needs to be somewhere between the two.  There was a psychological aspect that I had originally planned which never made it to the Aspen Mountain Press version, it’s hinted about at the beginning, but I never did anything with it. I’d like to explore that and see where it goes. I need to explain more about why Michel makes the decisions he does, rather than "I LURVE HIM."

I’m not going to let "I Knew Him" bully me. Transgressions took three years to write, and in the interim I did other stuff, and when Transgressions was ready to be finished it was finished. So I’m going to ignore IKH and let myself do other stuff – if that means I write two or three novellas this year instead of a novel, then that’s not the end of the world, and hopefully IKH will be better for not being forced.

That’s my excuse anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

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