brief thoughts on game of thrones

Just fabulous, that’s my first thought. I said this when I saw the first 14 mins trailery thing, but I really really love how they gave a disproportionate amount of time (in comparison to the time allotted and the size of the prologue) to the prologue with Waymar Royce and the white walkers. To take the time to slowly introduce the gates, the tunnels and the sheer scale of the wall itself was a brave stroke but one which will save a lot of backstory Basil exposition later. and omg the spectacle of the wall was impressive.

There were a few book to screen niggles that I had, the biggest being the Dany/Drogo wedding night scene. It was rushed and seemed more like rape, because she was unhappy about it, whereas in the book he gentled herlike a frightened colt and it gave a massive insight to 1. drogo’s personality in respect to dany, and 2. the reason why she begins to fall in love with him.  I know that a long drawn out sex scene would have been time prohibitive but still…they could have cut the shaving scene, as nice as that was. Open-mouthed smile

But overall, it was brilliant. Dinklage as Tyrion is absolutely note-perfect. I don’t think sansa or Jamie are as beautiful as I imagine them, but my mind is over-optimistic. I loved the direpuppies the most, and can’t wait to see more of them.

more please more please more please more please.

I understand HBO might make an announcement about further books today.  I hope they will be sensible, as they clearly have a runaway monster success on their hands. I can’t wait for the dvds.

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