me and George

So Vashtan bought be a Kindle (I’ve done all the grovelling and thanks, he knows how grateful I am) and I absolutely love it, and I hate to say that! I feel like such a hypocrite! I love it and I have called it George.

But the reasons I love it are not simply because I no longer have to read the Speak Its Name review books in front of the PC – it’s the other features that really kick it for me.

–I can read my emails on it which is great—means I don’t have to lug my laptop upstairs every night for a start. I’m sure the applications will be extended, but frankly I don’t need "angry birds" and "here’s what star" and "what’s my cat saying?" – email is sufficient. I’m glued to the laptop for 14 hours a day in general!

–music! I love that i can listen to a choice of music while reading, it’s delicious. I don’t have a CD player or an ipod or anything like that, so it’s great to download a few soothing pieces of classical music and have them playing very softly.

–audio books!!!!  I’ve adored audio books for years and years. I used to get them on cassette (you’d get about 20 of them per book) and listen to them in the car or in bed with the light off. But finding unabridged books in the library has become more difficult recently and I absolutely REFUSE to listen (and indeed, to read) abridged books of any kind. The Kindle downloads a massive audio book in seconds and again I’m listening in the car and in bed with the lights off. I’ve loved bedtime stories since I was too young to know about it, and so it’s something very visceral to have a voice read you off to sleep. The only thing I will bed the Kindle makers to invent is some device that cuts off the voice when it notices you have gone to sleep so I don’t have to either turn it off or have the voice wake me up again!!!

Haven’t read anything with it yet, but I have 20 books already downloaded onto it, and I’ll get stuck into that today. Need to investigate the note making etc, which sounds VERY useful.

It will never never never never never take the place of paper books (unless they stop making such) but for what Indeed it for, it’s lovely.

and yeah. I feel like a big fat hypocrite.

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2 Responses to me and George

  1. Jason says:

    I love that you named it George! :D

  2. Erastes says:

    :) everything has to have a name…I’m very sad. I want to get some stick on letters for the case.

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