A sale! or, creative accounting for writers

I’m thrilled to say that Carina have taken a second novella from me. It’s the vampire novel previously known as Chiaroscuro which will be renamed very soon.  I’m really looking forward to working with Deb Nemeth again, she is an amazing editor—and I would kill to have her eagle eyes.

Hurrah hurrah! It’s always an amazing feeling when you sell a book, but a repeated sale to a publisher is even better, it sort of says "you aren’t a flash in the pan."

They want to rename it for several reasons but mainly because an easier search word would be better, which I strongly agree with. I can hardly spell it myself. (Had to use spellcheck to get it right, above…) as long as it’s not "Love’s Painty Splendour" or something like. Or "The Vampire’s Artist Fuck-toy." LOL.

What do I mean by creative accounting?  Well, my goal is to write and to sell two books a year. I only managed to write 1½ books last year: Muffled Drum and half of "I Knew Him." And now I’ve rewritten Chiaroscuro and will finish IKH…so really I won’t have written anything this year, but I’ve already sold one for next year! and I sold 3 THIS year, so it evens out, because I used Junction X which I wrote years ago!

Yes, It makes no sense to anyone but a justifying procrastinating author, but hey!

Cava tonight. It’s a tradition.

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