Film Rights, your views?

as much as I enjoyed the film "How to Train Your Dragon" (it literally was my favourite film of the last year) I’ve now read the book and I have to wonder what the blithering blink were the acquisition team thinking when they bought the rights to the film. I’m sure that the author is laughing little haversacks all the way to the bank,but from what I can see – all they’ve done is take the Title of her book, the name of her lead character and the dragon—AND CHANGED EVERYTHING ELSE.

It’s a bit like me selling the rights to Standish, with no creative control—which I’m assuming Ms Cowell must have done—and probably caring little as she counted her moolah, chuckling—and then the film gets to be set in Australia with a dark haired young man called Ambrose Standish going to a sheep station in 1990 to be a sheep shearer on a sheep station and falling in love with the girl next door. I’ve wondered this before, but what if one day I WAS offered a huge amount (and Hollywood, if you are listening, when you are on £60 a week, "a huge amount" doesn’t necessarily mean seven figures…I may not be free, but I’m reasonably priced!) for the irrevocable sale of the film rights. I wonder what I’d do? Would I sell my first born into slavery for Hollywood to change as they liked? Or would I say "Fie, Mr Mogul, you shall not have me without me making bloody sure you don’t muck about with the plot (too much.)"?

It would be a nice dilemma to have!! But I really don’t know what I’d do. I try not to act the diva in public but I would like some semblance of the book to be represented on screen. Not going to happen, but I wonders, yes I wonders, all the same. My precious.

What would you do?  I’m listening!

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