I’m still searching, for a clue

Name that tune!

Today’s enigma is a bird in dad’s garden. He’s not a sparrow, although he’s dun brown, but he’s slightly bigger than a sparrow, he’s not a baby blackbird, and I don’t know what he is. Connection—due to massive rainclouds—is zilch today so I can’t access the RSPB site to check out juvenile thrushes and starlings. He’s been around for a few days, and my phonecam doesn’t have the zoom capacity to snap him. I like a mystery! SOLVED: He’s a young starling! His mum and dad accompanied him and they were feeding him (he’s capable of doing this alone). I had no idea starlings were so light coloured when they were young.

Also nice to see goldfinches in the garden this morning eating seeds from the flowerheads.

Cava celebration for my sale of "The Artist’s Horny Vampire Fucktoy"* was hugely enjoyable, even if people say solitary boozing is bad for you. What do they know?

I think it’s important to ALWAYS celebrate a sale (although possibly not short stories, specially if one is prolific…) because it helps keep it special and I hope I’ll never think "yawn yawn another sale."  I might if I’m earning enough to be lying next to my pool scoffing Quavers (why should I change my food tastes?) with cabana boys to spare, but certainly not in any foreseeable future.

Last Game of Thrones tonight!! (or tomorrow, for us Brits) – hurrah that they are starting production on Clash of Kings next month! Hurrah hurrah! Roll on the next book too!

And finally, THIS SONG is probably very deep and allegorical but I am afraid I nearly crashed the car laughing at the lyrics.

*real title yet to be decided

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