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nice boost when a reader says "I can’t wait for your next book", because it’s hugely flattering that anyone thinks of one like that, but when an author who you like and respect says the same, it’s pretty gob-smacking. Lynn Flewelling actually said that to me yesterday. I’m still glowing. *glows* /namedropping

a conversation about Romance on the Lambda Site. Interesting, but very Lambda!

Day off tomorrow, so am very much looking to getting home, buying some pink fizzy and celebrating my new sale. I remember reading some author always had traditional celebrations when he sold a book—can’t remember who it was, but I think he had a bottle of champagne and a Cuban cigar. His advances are a bazillion times the size of mine e.g. none with Carina(!) so a couple of bottles of pink Cava and a bumper packet of Quavers will have to do me.  Ah the high life. The glamour. No one can say I have champagne tastes and beer money. eta: pink cava and quavers at the ready! Is it cavaoclock?

I’ve just finished Chapter 14 of I Knew Him and it’s been a real bugger to do. A lot of people popping in and out of rooms and one particularly character left a room and then had a conversation within the room so I’m going to have to go over it very carefully to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be! There’s also a lot of 1922 forensics I need to research, and a lot about substances of a certain sort as Iknow that mystery buffs (and this is SO not a mystery, but they have ze knowledge) are going to point and snigger if I describe symptoms of one thing that don’t actually produce those symptoms at all. This experience has not spurred me into wanting to be a murder mystery writer. At All.

Talking of gaffes—I really should have got someone else to proofread Muffled Drum before dispatch as a German pre-reader has pointed out that a street I mention isn’t in Berlin at all, but in Hamburg. Ooops!  Thank GOD i only mention it once, as Carina are unable to change it at such a late stage, but it’s a real lesson learned. I remember doing the research on that street, too—I was delighted it was such a red light district that went back several hundred years…it’s just that I didn’t pay enough attention as to which bloody city it was in. I was researching Berlin and Hamburg at the time, you see, so must have got muddled. Ho Hum. We live and learn! But apologies in advance, you know how hard I try to avoid this kind of blunder.

Overcast today and NO BLOODY RAIN STILL. but worse than that (from my perspective,) no blooming connection at Dad’s! eta: rain!!!

I know it’s early days, but we are getting towards 400 reviews in Speak Its Name. Would like to have a 500 review celebration. If we continue with a review every 2nd day that could happen around Christmas. Any ideas? Another giveaway simply isn’t fair on the authors. Seems a bit pointless to have anniversaries because any mug can keep a blog open for several years, but 500 reviews is a big number and the next one will not be for at least another couple of years before we get to 1000. So what would you like to see? Short stories in existing universes written by the authors? legitimate fanfic from out of copyright books, or books that we can get permission to write fanfic about? or something else? My brain is a little dead.

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