Dreamwidth and Livejournal and news

I have a dreamwidth account set up, and I’ve added it to my Live Writer client, so I’ll crosspost to my Livejournal and my blog (that gets picked up by various other places). I don’t know if i have the energy to seek out all my friends here, so I just hope they find me, so I can friend back immediately.

News: I has some.

but the reviewer was absolutely blown away by the book. I made her cry more than once, and this pleased me muchly. If I can touch people in that way, then I’m doing something right.

One of the very best books I’ve ever read in my life. Staggeringly brilliant on so many levels, it suited me more than perfectly. I adored it. I can’t really say much more than that without the knot of emotions I thought I’d buried when I finished the book slamming back. I don’t think I can handle their return at the moment. Buy it and love it—but be prepared to be dragged through a gamut of emotions. Tissues nearby would be good.

Strong praise! Thank you, Miz Love.

What else? My report on the GLBT UK MEET Is posted and is here in case you missed it. (Link goes to my blog, not Livejournal) Plans are already afoot for next year (which will have to be earlier, or later due to the Olympics – so I’ll update you with news on that when we have it.

Oh and finally – This is the kind of noise pollution I have to put up with. It’s lucky the Snucius are entirely silent, but they probably think she does the talking for all of them. She’d just been fed, it’s not cold, so I have NO CLUE what she wanted here, but she does this all the time!

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  1. Sandra Lindsey says:

    I think she’s saying “Tribute, my minion. Bring me tribute from all nations under my domion!”


    Is dreamwidth where people are migrating to then? Guess I’ll start exploring that then…

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