Films seen recently

1. Dark WaterJennifer Connolly who, despite being to act people like Demi Moore off the screen doesn’t seem to get the films to propel her into the limelight. She’s excellent in this, beautifully fragile and entirely on the edge as she deals with divorce, mental health problems, raising her daughter alone, finding a job, moving to Roosevelt Island (which is definitely where I want to live when I can afford a pied a terre out of England). Co Starring the lovely Dougray Scott and the marvellous but sadly missed Pete Postlethwaite. Scary and absorbing with no "pat" ending.

2. The Gigolos Low budget British film, written by the men who star in it. Sasha is a well-to-do but mid thirties(?) gigolo who is managed by his gentleman Trevor. When Sasha injures himself on a date, Trevor has to step in, and finds himself rather good at it, and a mild war of the gigolos commences. Funny, thought provoking and with a marvellous cast of ladies of a certain age, such as Susanna York, Anna Massey, Sian Phillips, Angela Pleasance. Fans of Horrible Histories will be happy to see a small appearance by Ben Willbond too.

3. Green Lantern. It was spectacular, but seriously, it seemed like half a film.i can’t say it took a long time to get going, it’s just that when it did, it finished, and I was left thinking what? It could have been an hour longer, to be honest. Liked the characters, just didn’t get to know them enough. Looks like it didn’t make its costs back – good. Hopefully they won’t make another one

4. Green Hornet. Hated this. Really hated this. I don’t know the canon, but if the Hornet behaved like this moron Seth Rogen, I—as Kato—would have pushed him under a bus the first chance I got. Something about Mary meets Marvel—and that’s ironic seeing as how Cameron Diaz was in it. For shame, Sony, you can do better.

5. Thor Very enjoyable. I have a taste for Scandanavian men since True Blood (sadly, they don’t look like this, the men in Denmark for example, look like weasels. Or perhaps that was just the pubs I went to…) I would have liked a bit more arrogant quaffing from Thor, but he does spoiled git quite well. As for The Flossie ™ well, I wasn’t terribly impressed with Portman in this, she seemed to whine-a-lot.  But one of the better superhero movies.

6. Harry Potter and the Final Frontier. Or as I think of it – Neville Rocks My World. The whining trio whined, the baddies were marvellous, Lucius was beautifully unhinged (we never saw that scene with him and the wolfhounds, shame…) but Neville absolutely Rocked, from the moment he came on screen. Great film, and I cheered just to see the end of it.

7. Bridesmaids. OMG no. Worst film I’ve ever seen. DID NOT FINISH. Horrible horrible horrible. If I want to see women behaving like lads, then I’ll go to any town centre on a Saturday night. The only joke that was wheeled out was the fat one, which didn’t please me. Matt Lucas what the hell were you thinking?

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