Well, first and foremost the UK GLBT Meet up 2011 was a resounding success.

I think everyone really enjoyed themselves and I for one had a great time. Sadly, due to my idiocy at not reading the road signs, I was an hour late as I ended up on the m1 so I missed all the introductions—which was a shame because I then didn’t speak to hardly anyone other than the people I was sure who they were. I’m a bit shy like that—and am not really able to barge up and say "I’m Erastes, wotcher." But I newly met essayel, and Serena Yates and Stuart Wakefield and Bruin Fisher and and Jenre (squee) Jay Rookwood and Zahra Owens and so many others I can’t remember them all. I’m terrible with names. Good with faces. Great to see so many from last year, too.

The talks were excellent: Victoria Blisse  did a great talk on defeating writer’s block and then had a brainstorming from the floor and so many ideas were brought up, no-one should ever be blocked again!  Follow the link above to read it.

Total-ebound gave a spiel saying why people should write for them. Whilst good, I think it was a little long, which threw out the schedule a bit, and it wasn’t really aimed specifically at GLBT writers. I hope though that many authors managed to get in a pitch with them. Any UK Based publisher accepting glbt is a good thing.

Charlie Cochrane, Alex Beecroft and I did a panel on historicals. Alex spoke about putting the right brain in the right body, that is, making sure that if you are writing about the 18th century, then your characters must behave and THINK like 18th century people and aren’t just 21st century men shoved into pretty costumes. If that’s what you want, then do time travel or cosplay stories.

I did a short talk on getting the balance between "this is my research let me show you it all" and not bothering to do the barest modicum of research and relying on what you know or pick up from other books and films.

Charlie’s talk was about avoiding clichés such as the newsboy in the street saying "read all about it, King Abdicates" to set the scene.

There was a lively Q&A session after that too.

Clare London did an amusing and highly informative promotional segment, as in how to stealth promote, or how to promote your books while engaging the onlookers/readers and not relying on BUY MY BOOK BUY MY BOOK BUY MY BOOK which so many people do.

Sadly we overran with the timings, and the final talk, about PC’ness etc wasn’t done, which was probably best, as that’s such a hot topic, I doubt we’d have wrapped it up as neatly as we did. One for next year.

The team that organised it did a sterling job, particularly Jo Myles and Charlie Cochrane, who kept us under control and stopped us wasting time with nattering and kept us on course.

The hotel was bloody excellent, providing drinks throughout, the rooms were incredibly reasonable (£49) and included  a "as much as you can scoff" breakfast which in my case—as breakfasts are my favourite meal, can mean quite a lot of breakfast. I think they made on loss on me, to be honest. Open-mouthed smile

Last year, incidentally, only 12 people came, which was good, for the venue, but this time we  had about 45 or 46 and the jump was brilliant—so many people!!!!

There is already moves afoot for next year’s which will need to be carefully timed as there is Other Stuff going on in 2012…But we hope that it will even bigger and better, perhaps with two rooms running simultaneously so people can choose which seminars they attend.  It’s all very exciting.  The website which is currently HERE will be moving to a dedicated WordPress site soon, so watch this space for further announcements.

If you didn’t come and you live in the UK _ WHY NOT???? It’s the only event of its type in the UK, open to readers and writers and editors and proof readers and cover artists and publishers and in fact anyone who has an interest in the subject. It’s not limited to romance, and it’s NOT all women.  Do come next year.

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4 Responses to UK GLBT MEET 2011 REPORT

  1. It was a brilliant day and it was lovely to meet you, even if it was only via a comment or two on my presentation, maybe next year we’ll get to do more chatting!

  2. Erastes says:

    thank you! and i hope so!

  3. Jenre says:

    I’m laughing because this is how our first conversation went in my head.

    *spots Erastes*
    In my head: Oh look Erastes has arrived. Squeee!

    *sidles up trying to look cool*

    In my head: She won’t know who I am.

    Me: Hello! I’m Jen, erm Jenre.
    Erastes: Yes, I know who you are.

    In my head: OMG she knows me! *faints*

    Not that I did actually faint, but I was so pleased you knew who I was :). Then I was kicking myself because I’d forgotten to bring my paperback copies of Standish and Transgressions for you to sign. Next year I’ll remember.

    I had a great day and I’m sorry we didn’t get more time to chat. Everything was so hectic and during the day I ended up having quick snatches of conversation here and there rather than anything of length. I’m definitely looking forward to next year and I’m hoping the date will be earlier into July than later in August because that gets tricky with holidays.

  4. Erastes says:

    Aw – of course I knew who you were – it surprised me because i always assumed you were in America. You’ve done reviews, and I keep up with that kind of thing.

    ThiNk they are thinking either earlier or later for next year, school holidays will be a prob for many, but that is when the colleges for example are going to have things available. The olympics are going to make things tricky too

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