Government erases town

I am probably more sensitive to it now, but Dad has been wandering out the front of the house a few times today. I know he doesn’t mean anything by it – but I can imagine that an old woman living on her own might consider him to be up to no good, as he’s lost his wife and of course can’t control his instincts…. /sarcasm…. I’ve watched him and he just walks up the road and back, looking around him, so she’s probably paranoid that he’s peering through her windows. gah. Bad enough I have to worry about my own crappy neighbours, to be honest.

I did get a new laptop, and this is it—it’s just gorgeous and so fast I love it. I close it and it’s off. I don’t have to keep opening and closing it to get it to sleep. I open it and boom, it’s back on again, no warm up needed!  The adverts for Windows 7 were a little misleading because it doesn’t turn on immediately from cold, it still takes a minute or so, but the connection is immediate and I’m up and running a lot faster. All the more time to procrastinate with. This is it, in case you are interested. It’s cream with white flowers etched on it. very girly indeed.

For some reason, in The-Novel-Formerly-Known-As-Chiaroscuro, I had the main character named Michel di Posco. I had him coming from Posco in Italy, but when I rechecked my research (I always doubt myself about everything) I found there isn’t a Posco in Italy so either I had gone mad when I wrote it (possible) or I decided to make up a place. Very odd.

OR – (which I think is more likely true) I inadvertently let slip something vital about Posco in my novella, and the Government has erased Posco from ALL RECORDS.

Seems more likely than “I made a town up.” Why would I do that??

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