It’s still August, Lili

This morning Lili was “so cold” that she draped herself over the 1930’s lamp (which is basically a round globe containing a light bulb) to communicate to me that her care-giver was so mean regarding the heating that the only way she could warm her poor little self was to try and leech some heat from the light bulb.

I ignored her. Considering that the storage heater in the lounge is on—has been on all August—JUST FOR HER—and that no way was I putting on the cat-sized radiator and leaving it on for her while I come to Dad’s. This is, of course, what she wanted. And I am a tyrant and a bully, she says. She has a furry coat. She has a faux-mink throw on the spare bed which she uses at night. She has two furry brothers who are so kind-hearted that they would—and have—let her literally sit on top of them to warm up. so I will not crumble.

I have converted to Chrome, because I seriously couldn’t get on with Firefox Six and FF5 had stopped displaying gmail. I upgraded to FF6 but many of the great features (such as typing a search in the URL bar and it going into search mode for you) had gone and the reconfiguration of the tabs etc was annoying—plus it was SLOW. So I thought—well, I’ll try Chrome, and WOW. I absolutely LOVE it.

It’s so FAST.

when you open a new tab it automatically offers you a selection of screenshots of the pages you visit most frequently, which is wonderful

You can import all of your bookmarks from another browser easily and with no “download—install—import” nonsense. One click and its done. Same with most browser apps like AdBlocker, one click and it installs for you.

When you type in the URL bar, it searches if it doesn’t know the site, but if you’ve been there before, it opens the page BEFORE you’ve finished typing. so I only need to type: dragons – and it opens the dragon cave page. It’s a temporary open and if you don’t want that particular page you can continue typing – e.g. dragon train how to, and it will open a Google search.

I like SMART thinking. And time saving. Even if it’s only seconds.

Plus of course, as many sites are Google related and owned, you don’t have to keep signing in as this person or that person, you just sign in as your gmail personality and the rest is done for you.

I was an early adopter of Firefox and for many years I’ve sung its praises, but Chrome, I’m afraid, knocks it out of the park.

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