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I know. Like I really need another distraction to my time, but what I DO need is something to help me start getting a LIFE outside of Dad, eating and writing. I need to exercise and if there’s a better reason for doing a walk, I don’t know it. I really don’t want to die of being fat and people saying “isn’t it a shame she never finished more books…” (or alternatively, “hurrah”)

more pics when I take them, she’s just settling in now.

She’s 11 months old staffordshire bull terrier bitch and at the moment she’s eating every single thing she can find on the floor except the biccies in her bowl which I was assured that she ate. She’s skin and bone poor thing. She should be hungry but is not interesting in Wagg… She’s chewing on a pig’s ear now, at least.

They didn’t give me anything other than a horrible bowl and an old bone to bring away with her – no toys, no bed. I don’t think she knows what toys are. I bought her a squeaky and a beach football but she has no idea what to do with them. I’ll have to rig her up a bed tonight in the laptop box—and go and get her a proper basket tomorrow. We’ll go to the vet first thing for a general check up, need to know how much she should weigh and get her jabs up to date, book a date for spaying, flea stuff etc.

Lili loves her, is not at all bothered by her, they have kissed and Lili has pinched some of her food and she’s not at all scared. The boys are Most Put Out, however. Severus is in, but growling from the top of the TV and Lucius has Gone Out In High Dudgeon.

Now I need to feed the cats. This is going to be fun…I think tonight will be a bit of a battle too, but I’m hoping she’ll settle down. Only 11 months and I’m her 3rd home. Let’s hope it’s her last home, poor little scrap

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4 Responses to Meet Sascha

  1. Sandra Lindsey says:

    She is adorable! Best wishes for the both of you – yours may be her third home but I doubt you’ll be relinquishing her to any other.
    (I wanted to get a doggy when we moved in here, but had to admit it would have been unfair on the poor thing being left alone so long every day, which is why we have chickens)

  2. Erastes says:

    I think she badly needs feeding up/worming – because she’s obsessed with finding food–although she won’t eat her “Wagg” which I bought specially. The boys are really put out, I hope they come round. She’s had two or three whacks from Sevvie already.

    Yes, I wanted a dog all my life, but could never have one, because of work, but now, hopefully I’m in an ideal position to have her with me all day.

    We’ve had one accident already, I need to get her a long leash tomorrow so I can let her out in the garden for a wee without worrying whether she’s jumping the fence and running off. She recalls in the house, perfectly (and retrieves-:D!!!) but I’m going to be terrified the first time I let her off the lead.

  3. Elin Gregory says:

    She looks a sweetie. A long leash is a good idea because it gives them that bit more freedom while allowing you to reel them in if you need to.

  4. Erastes says:

    Dad has one, so I’ll snaffle that tomorrow if I can find it. Vets this morning–she is obsessed with all food other than her own, but is very skinny. Won’t eat her breakfast, although she ate the food that was down overnight. And poo-ed in the hall. Unimpressed!

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