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Jessewave had a good discussion over at her site yesterday. (It’s a great site, and deserves a lot more media attention than it gets) The discussion was about whether the quality in “m/m” had gone down, and whether readers – like her—were suffering burn out.

worth reading and worth reading the 178 comments.

I think that yes, it is happening to a small degree, but that’s to be expected, we’ve been bombarded with m/m of all types and descriptions but with an overwhelming flood of shifters and vampires and things of that ilk. As I said in my comment, I think that the ease of publishing is part of the problem, publishers who will publish any crud that passes over their desk, publishers who don’t give a monkey’s about quality – either of covers or of the inside of the books, and the authors who self publish without a thought for editing. Readers WILL get fed up with this, and after spending their hard-earned money on book after book that’s riddled with errors, or have plot holes the size of India, obvious conversion from m/f romance and a dozen other misdemeanours—they are going to vote with their money. I saw over and over again that people are now picky about the publisher they buy from—or they’ll stick to limited authors and will only try unknown authors through recommendation.

Progressing with the edit of Junction X. There’s a lot of phrases that I’ve taken out, now – and that my editor has taken out because some of it was too over the top, and seeing as it’s from the POV of a 60’s stockbroker in suburban England, it simply didn’t work at all. But I’m still pleased with the piece. I just hope people will like it and not be put off by the fact it’s a love story and not a “romance”

I have a dino egg! (and here’s the newest eggs as well) this is my first dino egg. Open-mouthed smile

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