Random Things

1.  Heard a NHS spokesman—on Woman’s Hour yesterday say (in relation to organ donation) “We can keep children alive for a long time with terrible diseases.”

Erk!  I think if I had a child I’d rather they used medicine to keep my child alive rather than using terrible diseases. What is this, NHS, the Horrible History version?

2.  Rather an amazing thing happened recently. I ordered a book from ebay—a book I’d read as a kid “Pat and Her Polo Pony” by Shirley Faulker-Horne and when I received it, it’s actually the very same book, the very same copy as I used to have as a child. I can tell because I (horrible child that I was) coloured in the ponies. Probably not a huge coincidence, as there’s probably only a very limited number of copies around but it made me smile. and cry too.

3. Going to watch Dr Who. Although not expecting much.

4. Sasha plays me up every evening like a little child who doesn’t want to go to bed. from six to seven she wanders around, tries to steal the cat’s food, won’t stay on her bed, even though I can tell she’s really tired because her eyes go all seal like. Eventually she collapses on her bed and snores until it’s going upstairs time.

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