They Know Best

Every single time I go into the blood clinic I say to them. “Please use the smallest needle you have and take the blood from my hand because my veins are entirely invisible.”

And Every Single Time they nod condescendingly, and say “Well, we’ll just try your arms first.” And then we get ten minutes of slapping, and prodding and poking and eventually they’ll stick a needle in one arm or another TO NO BLOODY AVAIL. And then finally they say “We’ll see what your hand does—but it’s likely to be more painful” to which I say “more painful than what I’ve been putting up with for ten minutes?”

Then they try my hand and Lo and Behold they get the blood First Bloody Time. And it isn’t painful at all, and anyway, I have a high pain threshold (thanks to a mother who thought a good game to play with her children was “Uncle.”** (It was, but she’d probably get arrested for it today, LOL) 

Anyway, here’s the result of monday’s poking and stabbing.


no bruise at ALL on my hand….

**(Uncle, as it seems it’s not on Google, perhaps she made it up??? – was a game where person A gets to inflict pain on Person B for ten seconds in the form of Chinese Burns, pinching, hair pulling or other torture. No implements allowed, just hands. If you say Uncle, you lose.)

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  1. Sounds just like what I go thru every time I get blood drawn. Don’t know why they just don’t listen to me, would be soooo much easier for everyone.

    Lol, I used to play Uncle with my little brother. Haven’t heard that in a while. That was fun. Good times. >:D

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