Getting better. Temperature is down and staying down and although the leg is still as puffy as a massive sausage and pink it’s nowhere near as painful. The only way to get it down further is to lose weight, although it’s not fat in the leg, it’s fluid. And yes, I’ve been to the doctor and he prodded it and didn’t seem at all bothered. “Will try you out on some tablets next month,” he said. Considering that I showed my first symptom about 8 years ago, with a swollen ankle and they did nothing about it then, I hold out no hope of them caring much now. Obviously a leg the size of a walrus isn’t a big concern!

Not that this is a walrus, but it does tickle me and if I reincarnate, I dare say some bastard god will get a kick out of doing this to me. But it does make me laugh every time I see it. I pray that he’s actually as snug as a bug under all that fur and blubber.

Got a couple of nice eggses. A Thunder one and a Bronze Tinsel. Still trying to get a successful breed with my silver Tinsel. Been trying to get a Thunder egg bred for months now.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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