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This is an amusing little timewaster: The Lulu Titlescorer. Tells you how likely your title is to be a best seller.

Although: 1. I don’t even understand the grammar questions being asked and 2. Does Lulu have many best sellers? Or are they meaning “best sellers on Lulu?”

I’ve finished the main edit for Junction X. Tracy was patience personified as she put up with my “It has to read that way, so ner” diva tantrums and now we are in the final polish stage.  Good timing, because yesterday I got the copy edit for A Brush with Darkness and that needs to be done by Monday. I’ve been hugely lucky with the timings for all the edits I’ve done this year, they’ve all come in the day after one has finished.

Sasha has learned that if she pushes her ball UNDER something (annoyingly, just about all my father’s furniture has scrolled bottoms, just big enough to fit her ball) then someone has to come and get it out for her. Since learning this, we rescue her ball about ten times a day. It’s like a baby throwing its toys out of its pram.

Not that I had any delusions of entering the Orange Prize, but I found out yesterday that if you wanted to enter, your publisher has to agree to pay £3,500 to the award to cover publicity, if you are shortlisted, and another £3,500 if you win. Granted, if you WIN you are guaranteed enough sales to cover that kind of outlay, but what the hell? Is this normal for big awards?  It obviously denies any small press from entering one book, let alone a few of them. Plus your book has to be available in bookshops and libraries to be eligible too, so guess what? Yeah, mainstream publishers need only apply.

Health wise, my blood pressure is “better than it was” and if I read it right was 138/68 which is both a tad high and a tad low, so it’s going in the right direction, anyway. I’m endeavouring to raise my legs for 2 x half hour sessions a day and with small dog waddles things can only improve.

Think that’s all – might not be around much, but I still read my flist every day.

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