Cover Flat for Junction X

I suppose it labels me as a bit of an old dinosaur that I love the artistic side of publishing books—the effort that the publisher CAN go through to make sure that the book is as attractive as possible, inside and outside. It’s not just a case of a decent cover, but the layout is (as far as I’m concerned) just as important. One of the most beautiful books internally that I’ve had is Mere Mortals where the layout is simply gorgeous.

And Junction X is just as lovely. Different, as it should be, it’s more up-to-date than the layout for Mere Mortals, and that’s perfect, because Mere Mortals is set in 1840 and Junction X is set in 1962.

Here’s the cover flat for the print version. Fabulous cover, designed by the multi-talented Alex Beecroft and a lot of hard work on the rest and layout by Mark R Probst who has some really lovely things to say about the book here on his Livejournal.

I suppose it’s a bit like I loved vinyl records because the cover art could be so large—the art didn’t ever seem as good on CDs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an ebook convert but I’ll never tire of having paper books in my hands, specially when they are purty.

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