this is why i get annoyed

It’s not memory/alzheimers, it’s simply MAN and “NOT BOTHERING TO LISTEN”

1. Dad: Can I help?

Me: Please can you get me the two oval serving bowls.

Dad: *comes back with two sideplates.* “is this them?”

Me: No, the two oval serving bowls

dad: *comes back with two soup bowls (round)* “Is this them?”

Me: No. The two oval serving bowls

Dad: Well, I’ve never seen any oval serving bowls in this house, in my life.

Me: Ok. Don’t worry. *goes into dining room retrieves them in 2 seconds.”

2. Dad: “What would you like for dessert” (after I’ve cooked, as usual)

Me: “I’d like a yogurt please.”

Dad: *comes back with an orange.* “Couldn’t find any yogurts. Where are they?”

Me: “There are 20 yogurts in the fridge.”

Dad: *comes back with packet of biscuits* “No, there’s no yogurts in there.”

Me: *not giving up* “Yes, there are. I bought them this morning.”

Dad: *eventually comes back with a yogurt. “I could only find one.”

Me: Headdesk.

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