Green Carnation Prize

I’ve just noticed that the Green Carnation Prize has changed their rules this year and now allow all genders and persuasions of writers to enter, rather than just gay men which they did their first year.


How can you have a prize that includes all books published UP TO DECEMBER 2011 and then have a submission deadline of August?  I mean the ACTUAL AWARD is in December—so if your book comes out after August you are actually stuffed.

Not that I’m eligible, because my books are not published in the UK despite living in the UK—but I would like to enter one day when I am eligible, I’ll just have to make sure it’s published mid-year! Not all publishers are able to provide copies four or five months in advance.

The prize is open to any novel, short story collection or memoir written by any LGBT author worldwide published in the UK in hardback or paperback between 1st January 2011 and 31st December 2011 are eligible.

The Green Carnation Prize is currently seeking submissions from all UK publishers for this award with a deadline of Friday 5th August 2010. Followed by;

•       Longlist 2011 Announced – 1st September 2011
•       Shortlist 2011 Announced – 1st November 2011
•       Winner 2011 Announced – 1st December 2011 (to coincide with World Aids Day)

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