No words today

Or nothing major anyway, there was a bit of tidying up and some cursory editing on I Knew Him, taking words from various word docs and putting them all in the main document so I’m satisfied that I’ve got all the story in one place. Then I sent to someone for safe keeping—I’ve lost the bloody thing once, don’t want that to happen again.

I didn’t manage to Write or Die today, I absolutely meant to from the very moment that I arrived at Dad’s but he was quite attention taking –and so was Sasha, so the best laid plans gang oft agly and all that. Day off tomorrow, and I’ll see if I can WoD in 500 word bursts.

I do like the idea that it prevents me from looking things up—which is one of my biggest “there goes the rest of the day” problems—so I just type “LOOK THIS UP” and that’s the end of it. 

I had the most wonderful present today which had me all moisty eyed. The magnificent moody and manfully mushy Teddypig sent me the Game Guide for Skyrim (he’s also treating me to the game as well, I believe which is far too generous but I’m never going to say no to kindness) and I fell about laughing with the Guide. Have you SEEN it?  It’s ENORMOUS!!! Its 700 pages, SEVEN HUNDRED!!!! and weighs a fucking TON. It would take me longer to read the thing that it would to play Assassin’s Creed Revelations!  Just mindboggling!  Ok, enough exclamation points…

But thanks, Teddypig. It makes what I’m sending you look a bit weak, but I hope you enjoy it, all the same. *smooch*

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