ok-i’m back!

laptop back and powered up. hurrah!

A bit of a Proud Dog Owner moment. Sasha and I tend to go to the park at 4, after leaving Dad’s and we only have about 20 mins before it gets too dark, but she runs about 300 miles in that time, so she gets her exercise.

But yesterday I was so proud of her, there were many dog trainers in the park yesterday –must be a local obedience club or something and dogs were sitting and lying down all over the place and Sasha was just running around with her ball as usual having a whale of a time.  All in all, three dogs broke away from their trainers and WOULD NOT return, despite them screaming their names, to investigate the mad squeaking Staffie. A Jack Russell was first and he chased her and she chased him (a bit) but came back to me every time I called her.  Then a black Lab, then a greyhound, both of which stood and sniffed and said hello to her. I keep a strict eye on her when this happens, not for fear of what SHE would do, but I worry that they might bite, and then she would retaliate, and as her jaw is so huge and muscly, she’d be the one in trouble and Staffies have such a crap reputation.

But she was a darling, just stood, and was sniffed, ran around with them a bit but came back to me. (Which is more than the other dogs did for their screaming owners. hee hee)

There was a horrible programme on BBC Radio 2 today, discussing rogue Staffies. It pissed me off so much that they were perceived as Demon Dogs. It’s just that they are strong and powerful. People who allow Chihuahuas to snap and snarl at anyone – that pisses me off – because people just laugh at the funny little dog. My parents let Aslan (Yorkie) to get away with snapping over food because he was—frankly—amusing. But if he’d been the size of a Rottie it wouldn’t have been funny at all. There are No Bad Animals. Just bloody bad owners.

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