Write or Die

Well it worked for me! I was going to go for 1000 words over 2 hours but I ran out of time at Dad’s due to lunch taking an age to cook, and programmed it for 500 words in half an hour and did it easily in 20 minutes. Hurrah! I did go wrong and try and close it down when my screen froze and it shouted at me which made me laugh, but then I got a fanfare when I did the required amount!

As I’ve mentioned before, when I learned to walk I refused to walk unless people applauded which probably explains much of my funk this year, as I don’t have the cheering squad I used to have – they are all too busy and good for them, so there’s no problem, but if I can use a programme that will kick me and applaud when I do good then that’s good enough for me.

I can’t believe how much more cheerful I feel that I’VE WRITTEN!!!!!!

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