More lovely reviews for Junction X

OK this is getting embarrassing now. but so lovely!

Alan Chin reviews for the Examiner:

The plot is a simple one, without any subplots to cloud the water. But there is something to be said for a simple story told well, and this story is told extremely well. Erastes has obviously worked hard to improve her writing style and voice, and it shines here.

Book Binge:

Edward’s story was fascinating and heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine what to grade it. The writing was great. But the story…I was unprepared for the way it went down. Don’t go into this thinking you’re getting a romance. There was a story about two people falling love, yes, but sometimes you fall in love with the wrong person…
But in the end, I have to give Junction X a 5 out of 5. It was compelling as hell and to be so wrapped up in a book that it breaks your heart? That’s talent.

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