Romancing Christmas Past

The historical writers at Carina Press have a blog – Romancing the Past and we are doing a Round Robin story – where each one of us posts, seven parts in all. 

Part Five has now been posted and can be found here:

You’ll need to read the (short) previous chapters to have any kind of clue of what is going on, but it’s actually quite good. Or was, until I got my corrupting influence all over it. Bwahahahaha. It’s gone from a fairly normal Regency ball to gay intrigue, french spies, government intrigue and homosexual blackmail!

Hope you enjoy it. There’s a competition running in it as well, if you spot all the Christmas Carols mentioned in the seven parts, you are in the running for seven of Carinas historical titles by the authors involved including my Muffled Drum (unless you want to wait for A Brush With Darkness)

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