Sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL

I’ve been having to cope with the older laptop which is temperamental and sticks on "shift" at annoying moments. (no,it’s not a crumb, i’ve taken the key completely off so it’s a loose wire or something)

Anyway, my new laptop cable arrived today so I’ll be back cooking on gas (as opposed to twigs) this evening. It might have been £15 cheaper to buy it online but it came from HK,so took 2 weeks!

Anyway, in the meantime, enjoy some "Goggies are our friends" pictures. Severus and Sasha are really good mates now and even play fight together, but they move too fast for me to capture them, so you have a couple of poses instead. Click on the pictures to see them bigger. You can also see Lili’s toes to the left.


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