Why, land, Katie Scarlett, it’s the only thing that counts!

So, I Knew Him is finished, bar the tidying up—I should be sending it off to the agent tomorrow with luck, or the weekend, anyway. And I’m sort of on the horns of a dilemma as to what to write next. (Those of you who have spotted this post for a big fat lump of procrastination, well done.)

You see, I like writing for Carina; the editing is fabulous—Deb Nemeth “gets me” and she pushes hard to make me better. But I’ve been staggeringly disappointed in the sales. What baffles me is that my two books with Carina have done markedly less well than Frost Fair & Speak Its Name with the smallest of publishers. In fact, the latest royalties for FF and SIN for JUST THE EBOOK SALES with Bristlecone (Bristlecone handled the ebooks, whilst Cheyenne pubbed the paper) were twice as high as with Carina. And that’s pretty thought-provoking. Of course Carina’s royalty rate is very low, but I think I thought that it would have much higher sales, so it would even out. Wrong.

I’m sure there are people making good money at Carina, but I suspect they are mostly writers of het.

No, of course I’m not in it just for the money (I’d be mad if I was, seeing as how little I actually make) but money has to be a factor. I rely on royalties to help pay the bills, because my Carer’s allowance only covers the mortgage. I can’t go spending six months of my life and writing something like Tributary (which personally I think was one of my best) only to find, as I have with that book, that it’s making about a dollar a month. Literally – the royalty for the Last Gasp anthology was FOUR DOLLARS AND EIGHTY FOUR CENTS and that’s between four of us. $1.21 each.

I mean – that’s just mad. I would do better self-publishing and I’m definitely not going there. I know I would make more writing het, but I’m even more definitely not going there, because I believe you should write what you feel the passion for, and it’s not het romance for me.

By the way, this is not some plea for a whip-round or anything like that. It’s a serious talking to myself about What To Do Next. Sometimes just writing it down helps. (Or I tend to shove it to the back of my mind along with all the other “I won’t think about that today, I’ll think about that tomorrow” thoughts.

Where’s a set of green velvet curtains when you really need ‘em?

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  1. BlackTulip says:

    We readers, often forget that you’ve your own reality, we read wonderful stories that make us go somewhere else (far from reality for me, I’m addicted to historical’s) feel and react. I love you all for what you offer us and I’m so sorry to see that it’s so difficult on your side. It shouldn’t be, that’s simply not fair. I wish I could do something … !

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